Finn & the Sea of Noise – Release Details

Title: Finn & the Sea of Noise
Director: Ryan Ohm
Starring: John Willis, Michael Holding, Tyson Griffard, Claire Coppi, Abbas Salem
Comedy, Drama, Drama – Coming of Age
Runtime: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Studios: 24 Foot Square, Wierd Life Films
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As Finn slips back into a groove of mindless parties, sunburn, and hangovers, he lets his life take a mind-numbing vacation. But when he’s confronted with death first hand, he takes a new outlook on life, remembering the endless dreams of his youth.

Release Details:

London, United Kingdom GMT (UTC +0)
Friday, 5th January 2018 – 17:00 P.M.

New York, NY, USA EST (UTC -5)
Friday, 5th January 2018 – 12:00 Noon

Los Angeles, CA, USA PST (UTC -8)
Friday, 5th January 2018 – 09:00 A.M.

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